The Legal Requirements for Marriage in Australia

To be recognised as Legally Married in Australia the Requirements are:

  1. You are over 18 years of age
  2. You are getting married of your own free will
  3. You are not already married to each other or someone else
  4. You are not too closely related

Complete Your Notice of Intended Marriage

  • You must sign this in front of a prescribed authority and your celebrant must receive this (known as lodged) at least one calendar month before your wedding day. This document is valid for 18 months from the date of lodgement. When we meet for your appointment we can complete this as I use a special software program for this purpose.
Nina Guelfi - Swan Valley Celebrant

Identification Requirements

  1. Your birth certificate (in English) or Passport
  2. Photo Id ie Driver’s License, proof of age card etc
  3. $150 fee is payable at time of lodging paperwork and to secure your booking (d/debit option available)
  4. If you have been married before; Divorce Certificate, Death certificate or Proof of Annulment of previous marriage

Further Information

Of course, if you have any further questions about the legalities of marriage as they apply in Australia, then please dont hesitate to give me a call on 0414 476 538, and I’ll be happy to provide further clarification.