Non Australian Citizens

International Visitors

You don’t need to be an Australian citizen to be married in Australia. So yes I can marry you if you are on holidays and are wanting to be married as long as the legal documents are completed with the required timeframes as per Marriage Act 1961…just remember to double check with your own country to ensure that a wedding ceremony performed in Australia is recognised as legal when you get back home. Your countries embassy should be able to help you with this.

Visa and Fiancé visa applications

As part of my services I can receive and witnesses your Notice of Intended Marriage and also provide you with the necessary letter to give to the immigration department for proof of lodgement I have successfully helped many couples marry their international partners. Although both signatures being witnessed together is desirable, legally we only need one person to be witnessed signing to activate the Notice of Intended Marriage.
Please contact me on 0414 476 538 for more information.

Nina Guelfi Swan Valley Celebrant